ASU Capoeira Club


The name of our club is Axe Capoeira at ASU otherwise known as ACASU.

Benefits of joining the club…

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the study of Brazilian culture and history through
performance and practice of the musical, dance and martial art traditions of Brazil by ASU students and
Arizona residents. We will endeavor to travel to attend as many Capoeira events as
possible and invite members from Grupo Axe Capoeira International to the ASU campus for ACASU
events.  Things to look forward to

    • Workshops in a Capoeira Academy
    • International and local Capoeira events
    • Community over 10,000 members strong
    • Social events
    • Physical activity

Get involved!

Club Leaders

1st OFFICER – Full Name
President: Tevin Medley

2nd OFFICER – Full Name
Vice President: Cecil Lozano

3rd OFFICER – Full Name
Recruitment Chair: Lauren Dia

Tevin Medley

Omayra Ortega